17 Months

Yep, Qade hit the big one- seven yesterday! It’s hard to believe that I almost have a year and a half old! Wow! I honestly can’t remember life without him! It’s seems like he’s always been with us, and yet, I still can’t believe that he’s not our “baby” any more. Every day he seems more like a big boy and less like a baby. I still like to “baby” him now and then, but mostly he won’t have it- ha! Here’s some of the stuff he’s up to these days.
He weighs 22 1/2 pounds. Not gaining too fast right now but the doc says that’s normal
He is 32 and a quarter inches tall.
Vocabulary is probably around the 30ish words right now. Some favorite words are:
Picture (pic-toe)
Light (liiiiiile)
Snack (nak)
Drink (me)
Dog (Do or gog)
Kitty (teeee)
He is still signing, and saying “Please, thank you, more, and up” His “p” has gotten really good on “up”
Qade listens very well, and we’re so thankful for that. Especially fat momma who would otherwise have a hard time chasing him down. He will “come back” when he’s walking around outside. He will “put it back” when he gets something. He can be told to get his cup, book, snack, or drink and he knows what to do. He’s great at “giving it to mommy!” He also knows what to do when we tell him to “get your shoes.” We’re still working on being gentle with the cat. 🙂 Qade can entertain himself for EXTENDED chunks of time with his board books, or even playing alone in his room. He still sleeps 12 hrs a night, and has 2ish naps a day. He’s beginning to grow out of a nap, but isn’t quite ready to always go without it. If he’s not sleepy though, he’ll stay contented in his crib talking and playing with his stuffed cow, Buford. 🙂 It’s too cute! I love to peek through the crack in the door and watch him.
Some of his favorite foods are oatmeal. We have it almost every morning. He LOVES bacon and sausage! BPJ has become a favorite lunch, but he’ll gladly eat, chicken noodle soup, split pea, or just about whatever mommy has. I don’t believe he has a picky bone in his body (yet) and will eat whatever we have for dinner, even if it’s a little spicy! It’s great! He loves playing outside, and we all enjoy our evening family walks. He’s pretty much running now, and is pretty speedy! His favorite toys are still the ball and his various cars, and train.
Hmmm.. well, I guess I’ll leave it at that then. Wish you all could know him as well as I do. He’s such an awesome kid! I’m so glad that we get to have him in our family! Can’t wait to see how he loves his little brother!

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