Another Tuesday

So far this Tuesday is not living up to the reputation set by last week’s. 🙂 Yay! We got home last evening, and Stuart and I busily set our wills in action to get things put away. I read the “Love Comes Softly” series by Jenette Oak when I was 13, and there’s a part in the first book where the guy brings home all the “winter supplies” and Marty busily bustles around putting things away “heady with the bounty of it” and for some reason, I always think about that part when we’ve made a trip to Costco and arrive at home with “bounty” to be put away. 🙂 I’m very thankful for God’s provision, and I’m very very thankful that I don’t have to go grocery shopping every week! Anyway, so that means today that I need to divide stuff up and put it in the freezer, because with just the 3 of us (even with a pregnant appetite) we can’t go through the bulk stuff fast enough without freezing it. I started laundry this morning too. Have you ever noticed that no matter how long you’re gone, and even if you did your laundry while you were away, there is ALWAYS a pile of dirty clothes waiting to be washed once you get home? I think they recruit and multiply while we’re away. 🙂 I also need to get the new baby’s stuff sorted and put away. Stuart packed all of the diapers and wipes that we got into the closet in Qade’s room last night. We really did get a HEAP of wipes, but I’m so happy about it! We may very well not need to buy wipes again for a year!!! Wow! I’ve got to get some “sensitive” laundry detergent for baby 2’s clothes. Qade never had any skin irritations with his clothes or detergents, but every tiny one is different, and I’d like to get this one’s stuff washed and ready before he makes his debut. 🙂
Qade was having a rough morning. Several days off his regular schedule kind of gets to him, poor guy. He had a blast with Grandma and Grandpa and Oma this weekend, but he needs “normal” again now. It was pretty funny actually when we got home last night, he became totally hyper. The very first thing he did was find his big ball and roll it all around the house with many squeals and much loud talking. I’ve never seen him so excited about being home, it was too funny! That eventually wore off, however and Mr. Grumpy head came back, so to bed he went. This morning it was much the same story. He woke up happy as ever, but by 9:15 was completely melting down over a box he was trying to play with. At that point Mommy made an executive decision that Bubba needed his morning nap early. Qade must have agreed, even though he didn’t know it, because he went right to sleep.
Ah-ha! I just figured out what my morning has been missing! COFFEE!! I get to spoiled when I visit Grandma, because she has coffee and breakfast for us every morning… if I stayed there too long I’d be the size of the Titanic! 🙂 But it sure is good!! Well, I’m going to go make meself some coffee and then get busy doing stuff that needs to be done. I’m thinking biscuits and gravy for dinner tonight. My month menu didn’t include these days because we were going to be out of town, so I get to “wing” it. 🙂

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