Fun weekend!

Hello friends!
Yesterday was the shower for “new” baby! 🙂 His cake said “Welcome Baby Noggle” because his name hasn’t been announced yet. Mom even had the ladies who came write down name “suggestions” on their papers for me. Ha ha ha! Maybe it’ll come in handy, we still don’t have a middle name. The shower was lots of fun though, and people were so sweet in their giving. Baby outfits have got to be some of the funnest things to get! I also got oodles of baby wipes and diapers which I also LOVE to get. Practical gifts are great! You just can’t have enough diapers for the wee (and poo) ones. 🙂 Ha ha! My mom got us a pack n play for ????? and it has a bassinet insert which will come in so handy while he’s living in mommy and daddy’s room for a few months. He’ll actually probably sleep in it for 6 months at least since Qade is still occupying the crib. We’re thinking of getting Qade a toddler bed for his 2nd birthday. I still can’t believer that he’s so big! (sniff) Anyway, back to the loot, my Grandma (Oma) got us a bag with lots of cool stuff in it, but one of the things I had really wanted was an arterial thermometer! They’re great! They use them in Qade’s doctor’s office. All you do is swipe it across the baby’s forhead and it reads their temp. So much easier than the other options. 😉
Okay, so enough of all that, we did get some great things for our baby, and it makes me so excited for him to finally get here! Saturday afternoon we took Qade to get his photo taken with is grandparents. I got a coupon for Sears to get collage photos for cheap so it worked out well. I wanted Bubba to have a pic of him with his grandparents before the baby comes. I’ll most likely do the same thing for the next one too, and then get them done together. The guy taking the pictures though was not good with babies. I mean, if the baby doesn’t smile do you really think that they should say, “What’s wrong with you?” NO! I think not! But we did get some good shots finally.
We were going to build a bear for baby 2 like we did for Qade before he came, but unfortunately the store ended up being in a different mall. Oops! So we’re planning to do it on Monday when we head home. We built a cow for Qade, but I’m not sure what we’re going to do this time… we’ll just have to see what they have.
Well, hope you’re having a swell weekend! I’m at 35 weeks now, and hope hope hoping that baby two is here in like 3 weeks!!! 🙂

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