Today I….

Got up, made hubby lunch, had some Cream of Wheat for breakfast, got ready, got the boy up, fed him oatmeal, started laundry, had coffee, rolled $90 in change, cleared the dining room table, stuck glow in the dark stars on Qade’s ceiling, put Bubba to bed, did dishes, set up a “nursing station” in our room upstairs (complete with low light lamp, table with drawer for burp rags and such, and a rocking chair and ottoman!) got Qade up, had lunch with him (I love this part of our day!) folded some laundry, cleared the junk off the counter tops, read some in a marriage book, talked to Mom, played with Qade and now I’m vegging while Stu browses his Popular Science. Whew! I think that’s quite a day to be honest. I’m hearing the little lad talking in his room (I don’t think he even took a nap!) so soon it will be time to get him up, and then there’s dinner to make. Chicken teriaki noodles and rice for tonight. Sounds good to me! Tomorrow I’ll pack for our trip to my baby shower, and then try to sweep and vacuum before we go. I like to be able to come home to a clean house. Hope y’all had wonderful Thursdays!

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