Icky Tuesday

Well, I suppose that title isn’t fair really. It’s certainly not Tuesday’s fault that both me and my little alarm clock, named Qade, slept in, and therefore had to rush around like mad to be ready to leave for his doctor’s appointment today. It’s not Tuesday’s fault that when I was driving out our road, the dippy dog kept bounding in front of the vehicle and I actually ran over him! (He seems to be okay, but we’re not sure yet if he sustained any internal injuries) It’s not Tuesday’s fault that since I couldn’t get a hold of Stuart I was turning around to check the dog and backed into a sage bush. It’s not Tuesday’s fault that I was a blubbering wreck before I even got to the paved road this morning STILL running late. It’s not Tuesday’s fault that I had to take Bubba to the doctor and that he had to get 3 shots. 🙁 It’s actually his FORMER doctor’s fault because she was so irritated at my last visit because of my questions about the MMR that apparently she forgot he needed other shots. Grrrrrrr! But all those things are not the fault of the day…. mostly it’s my fault, but I feel better blaming it on something else. Since Tuesday is available I thought I’d let it take the heat. 🙂
It is looking up however. I was encouraged when Stuart finally found the dog and he was alive still, and didn’t look like he needed to be shot. Qade did very well even though he did have to get poked 3 times. I got to have lunch with BOTH of my men today! Now they are both napping while I vent a little to the cyber world. It helps. So with that in mind, I hope you all are getting along much better with your respective Tuesdays. Watch out for the crazy dogs who think it’s fun to leap in front of vehicles, and make sure you wake up early enough to have your coffee fix. 🙂
Here is a blog post that I thought you’d enjoy reading too. I think it’s kind of an interesting take on things.

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