Busy but Lazy

Happy Monday, friends! I’m so excited that it’s the 15th! That means we’re half way through September!!! Which also means that I’m half a month closer to meeting our newest munchkin!!! Woo-hoo! The faster the better, say I! Right now I’m just feeling rather massive and uncomfy, but it’ll get worse before it get’s better. 🙂 This morning I woke up and tried to stretch before getting out of bed only to get the WORST leg cramp ever in the history of the universe!!! It’s still not totally relaxed, and it aches! But I’ve been consoling myself with coffee. Some of my good friends gave me some Santa’s White Christmas coffee for my b-day and it is AWESOME!!! I forgot just how much I love that flavor! Wow!
Anyway, today is going to be busy if I ever get around to it. I have a dr. apt in town and then some serious grocery shopping to do. However before I shop I still have to complete our menue for the month. So I do need to go get hoppin’ (as well as a sore leg will let me!) Stuart kindly offered to stay home from work today to keep Qade, and that will be a HUGE help when it comes to the shopping part. Qade does okay for awhile in the cart, but then he gets antsy and it’s difficult for me to concentrate on my list when he’s fussing to get out, or climbing out at every opportunity. 🙂 So, in a nutshell, sort of, those are my great plans for the day. Hopefully it all goes very smoothly and fast!! Ha, Wal-Mart fast?? Hope you’re having a great Monday yourselves, and if not, get some Santa’s White Christmas, because it really does wonders for your mood!

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