Happy Birthday to meeeeee!

Here’s a pic of the birthday woman and baby 2 at 34 weeks!

Yesterday was a great day!  It started with my wonderful Stuart waking me up to open my card “before he had to go to work” only to discover while reading it that he intended to stay home with me on my birthday!!!  Awwww!  How sweet!  Qade got me an iTunes gift card too, what a great gift!  So then after I lazily got up and ready while Stu was entertaining the Qadester, we made breakfast together.  We had buttermilk pancakes (a new recipe to try- but I like my regular ones better) and bacon and eggs.  Then I opened my gift, the “Anne” movie on DVD!!  Woo-hoooo!!  And like a champ, Stuart even agreed to watch some of it with me yesterday afternoon!  We managed to finish the first set, but he says he doesn’t like the “Avonlea” one so I won’t force him to suffer through it.  I’ll just have to find some time to have a “marathon” myself. Hee hee!  Anyway, I had a spectacular birthday!  It was pretty lazy.  I got cards from my parents and grandma that were really sweet, and calls from my bros and Frue!  Stu and I made a boston cream pie for my “cake” and that was very yummy too!!! Poor Qade was still somewhat of a grumpy head because of his teeth.  I just feel bad for him because I know he’d rather be happy, but instead he feels bad.  Poor dude.  I still managed to get an incredibly cute picture of him while he was playing in the cabinet though, so I’ll leave you with that.  We’re heading to camp, and I’m really looking forward to seeing friends and being in the mountains!  Toodles!

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