If the cat survives this pregnancy…

It’ll be a miracle!  Yes, who would have thought the cat would be in any danger from the threat of a “new” baby.  True she takes her life into her paws each time she plays with Qade, though we are trying to teach him gentleness.  No, the problem she’s having because of the pregnancy is that my belly is now so huge that I can’t see her half the time.  She’s black so that makes it doubly hard to see her!  She has this horrible habit of dashing between my feet for some crazy reason.  My grandma warned me not to trip on her because she does this, but since I plant my feet like an elephant these days, that has not been an issue. 🙂  Rather, pity the cat.  She has been kicked and stepped on I don’t know how many times, and the other day when I was putting the vacuum back in the closet she got her tail mashed in the door because I didn’t see her dart in there.  *sigh*  I’m sure she’ll learn her lesson one of these days…. stay out of the way of elephant!

Qade has had a rough couple of days.  He got a little cold this week, and shared it with Mommy, so that wasn’t fun.  And yesterday I figured out that he’s getting his upper eye teeth in too.  I think that must be where MOST of the whiny behavior is coming from.  Today I just felt so sorry for him.  You could tell that he just did NOT feel good, and his poor little sad crying was wrenching my heart!  I rocked him for a long time, and he just snuggled up. (Sure sign that “something” isn’t okay)  I tried to get him to take a nap right after church because he was so fussy and sad, but that didn’t work out, so he’s taking a late afternoon nap now.  Poor little dude.  Teeth are just miserable necessities I suppose.  This will bump his tooth count up to 14!!  I can’t tell yet if his bottom ones are coming in also.

As for me, the big, fat pregnant lady, I’m remembering a few things that I had forgotten after having Qade.  Your life just changes so much once you have that little one that it’s hard to remember some of the things in pregnancy that, at the time, you thought you’d never forget!  One of those, for me, has been how completely drained I am during this last couple months.  I was feelin’ all good about myself all summer, because I felt great, had lots of energy, was walking regularly and then the (dum-de-dum-dum) third trimester hit!  I still have some good energy days, and some partly good energy days.  There are other days or part days though, where it feels like someone flips a switch and all my strength just seeps out.  I turn into a blob with lead arms and legs, and just have NO stamina whatsoever!  Whew!  Lying on the couch just “thinking” about all the things that I’d like to be doing is not my favorite way to spend my time.  However, there are moments where quite honestly I can do nothing else.  I don’t fully understand it, and it’s really difficult to explain, but it’s real, that’s all I know.  I’m looking forward to having this baby, and getting to meet him, hold him, snuggle him, and all of that wonderful stuff, but I’m also looking forward to getting some life back.  I know it’ll be awhile after he’s here for me to feel semi-normal again, but it’s the thought that it will get better that keeps me optimistic! 🙂