The Art of Language

It’s been really neat to watch Qade learn to talk.  He’s probably up to about 25 or so words, I’ve not been keeping complete track.  But even more amazing to me is what he can understand!  He may not be able to articulate phrases and such yet, but he certainly knows them.  Lately I’ve been giving him small tasks to do to be a “helper” and he really is a good little helper, I’m utterly amazed.  Yesterday he gave himself the task of spreading the clean laundry all over the floor while I was trying to fold.  So then I started asking him to hand me things and I’d point to them.  He gave me each thing I pointed too.  Today he had taken his sippy cup of breakfast milk somewhere, and I wanted to put it back in the fridge.  I asked him where his drink was, to go find his drink.  He toddled off, and sure enough a minute later he was back with his cup. 🙂  Then today he found a Barnie book in his room (that I’m actually going to get rid of because I cannot stand Barnie! Ugh!) so I read it to him since he came and asked so nicely, but then when we were done with that one, I told him to go get a different book.  He walked over to the shelf in the living room that holds his precious books, and picked his favorite “Tickle One Baby” and brought it back to me.  Wow!  I’ve always known that kids understand a lot more than we give them credit for, but it still boggles my mind when I see it in action in front of me day by day.  Qade is also learning to “put it back” when he brings me things I don’t want, such as all the contents of the dish cloth drawer. 🙂

Today I’m not doing “nuthin” or so I tell myself.  I went to bed with a headache last night, woke up several times with the same headache, and finally got up with a ridiculously scathing headache this morning.  Thankfully it eased up really fast!!  However, I do think that Qade has shared his cold with me, as I also woke up with a sore throat.  Blah!  So while my mental “to do” list had mopping and vacuuming on it, I’ve redated it to Friday. 🙂  Besides today is my special Lime Green Thursday and that means I get to relax. 😉

I did work some on Qade’s baby book, ugh, I’m so behind!  I did get most of the blanks filled, so now I just need to decide on the pictures for each page, and it’ll be done!  Now his scrapbook…oh dear, that’s a completely different story, but I’m determined little by little it’ll be done.  Perhaps this weekend I’ll make some headway with that.  One can always hope!

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