Scary Snake!

Last night we had quite the adventures!  The first one was very scary, the second just kinda funny!  It all started out well enough.  Stuart and I had been working on rearanging some of our furniture and hanging pictures and such all evening.  Qade went to bed early because he was a major grumpy head.  With as fast as he konked out, he must have needed the early bedtime.  Anyway, Stu and I have a “tradition” of burning our boxes and paper trash in this above ground fire pit thing.  So we decided to sit outside and do that last night when it got dark.  Stuart was also watering the lawn while we were out there.  Once the fire was burning merrily away, Stu moved the sprinkler and fixed the hose, because I oh-so-helpfully pointed out there was a kink in it.  A few minutes later as we sat and watched the flames I kept hearing a weird noise.  There’s LOTS of night time noises out in the country, but I couldn’t quite place this one.  Stuart suggested that it might be a June bug, because they make this weird buzzing noise when they stupidly fall over on their backs and such.  Still we weren’t quite comfy about it because it kept going on.  Stuart jokingly said, “Maybe it’s a wet Rattle Snake.”  Ha!  We know that rattlers don’t like water and since the yard had been quite the puddle, we doubted it.  However, curiosity got the best of us so we finally turned on the porch light and low and behold, it WAS a rattler!!  Moreover it was coiled up RIGHT NEXT TO THE HOSE that Stuart had been moving all over.  It was in the exact place where the kink was that he had straightened with his hands.  Wow!  It’s not often that you get to see miracles like that in progress, but it really is a miracle that Stuart didn’t get bit.  In fact he could very well have stepped on that snake, and may have, considering it’s location, but God was watching out for us that night.  Stuart got a shovel and killed the snake.  My heart is just so thankful that no one got hurt!  It’s a very scary thing when you actually realize how close someone you love came to danger.  God is good!  It makes me a little nervous about letting Qade play outside.  He was outside 2x yesterday just toddling around.  I’m so glad that he didn’t discover a snake as well!

Okay, so come comic relief was needed after that drama, hence the second adventure for the night.  The cat decided it wanted to explore the garage last evening, so we just left her in there.  Stuart’s parents arrived for the weekend around 9pm so we were all chatting and having a great time.  Stuart went to get something from the garage, and the cat bounded in when he opened the door.  However, she was NOT alone!  She had caught a mouse, (her favorite play thing) and decided to bring it inside to have some more fun!  That’s not so funny, but the guys reactions to it was!  First off, we heard Stu open the door and then start calling, “Kitty kitty kitty” in a sweet voice.  I thought he wanted to get the cat inside, but he was actually trying to coax her and her prize back into the garage.  When that didn’t work, he grabbed the shovel, and then hollered to the rest of us that the cat had a mouse and it was alive!  Ina and I dealt with the situation by picking our feed up off the floor, but Duane went to help out with the broom.  So here’s two guys with a shovel and a broom trying to “smoosh” the mouse, or something should the cat let it go.  The sounds coming from that room where hilarious!  I’m not exactly sure how they got it done, but the cat, mouse and shovel all ended up back in the garage.  Hopefully the cat finished off the mouse at some point.  I haven’t been brave enough to check. 🙂

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