Mrs. Domestic- hee hee

Happy Lime Green Thursday, friends!  Today has been a good and, I feel, profitable day.  Somedays I don’t feel like I’ve acomplished anything, but not so today!  Okay, so I admit this morning, I didn’t do to much.  Well, I did manage, with the help of my wonderful hubby, to get up by 6:30 to make a pancake and sausage breakfast before he had to go to work.  I can’t tell you how many times it has been my goal to get up and make him a good breakfast, and how many times I’ve completley failed.  Fortunately, he is quite capable in the kitchen, and if he thinks he needs it, he’s willing to make his own, but still, I felt good doing it for him today!  Then, I fed Qade and visited with Dad a little bit before he went out to tackle the trees.  He has been cutting wood as much as the faulty wood cutting stuff will let him.  Once he went out though I spent a little time on the computer.  It was nice though.  I got to chat with a long lost friend that found me on facebook, and that was fun, and I also wrote several future posts for my babyhacks blog.  I enjoy the feeling of being on top of that too.  It’s not like it’s something I HAVE to do, but I enjoy it, and somehow it’s an outlet for me.  So after all that, I started some laundry, put Bubba down for a nap and cleaned up the kitchen.  I made lunch for us and Dad too.  This afternoon I managed to get some biscuit dough made up and cut and it is now in the process of freezing.  I got this recipe from for the make, freeze, bake biscuits and I was anxious to try it.  I also made my own bisquick!!  I’m really excited about this one- ha!  I got the recipe for this from, and it’s great!  It’s so much cheaper than buying premade biscuit mix, and it’s totally the same thing!  It was fun getting my hands, self, and kitchen all floury today, but I think it was for a good cause.  Tomorrow I’m going to make some chocolate chip cookie dough to freeze.  I was going to do it today too, but realized that my kitchen was already quite a disaster, and I was running out of steam.

So anyway, that’s basically a rundown of my day.  I’ll be making some green chilli chicken for dinner tonight, wanna come? 😉