Pretty unique post title there, eh? 🙂  Oh well, ya can’t win them every time.  Today was great!  My dad was here this morning.  He got in yesterday and brought some really yummy sweet corn with him!  Mmmm-mmm-mmmmm!!  Didja know that cooking corn on the cob in the microwave is a TON faster than boiling it?  Anyway, this morning Dad had a great time playing with Qade.  It’s so fun to watch the grandparents revert back to their own preschool years when they get around the grandbaby. 🙂  Dad was crawling around on the floor chasing Qade or being chased by him, and they were both just squealing and laughing.  Soo funny!  Well, Bubba was more than ready for his afternoon nap once Grandpa left.  Dad will be coming back through the end of the week, and is going to help us get some FIREWOOD!  It’s still hard for me to think that it’s going to be Autumn soon, and the weather will be cooler and we’ll want a fire.  Right now it’s still too hot to take a walk in the middle of the day, but I suppose that it’s the best time to be gathering wood.  Dad likes to do it, and I’m very thankful for his generous heart to come and do such hard labor for us.  He loves us… that’s why.

Well, I did manage to get the floors swept and mopped today.  I still have a lot of work to do to the spare ‘oom to get it organized.  It looks a zillion times better than it did before I attacked it Saturday, but it’s not over yet.  There’s a bunch of quilts that I need to wash because they were left on the floor all summer for the rodents to climb all over.  And from what I saw yesterday, they did.  So that needs to be done and the entire room needs to be vacuumed along with the crevaces, so that’s a job for sure.  “Little by little, inch by inch.”  One day it’ll be a beautiful room, and Stuart had some great suggestions for making it a wonderful “morning room” where one could have coffee, watch the birds out the window and write. 🙂  I like to amuse myself with daydreams like that when in reality with one munchkin roamin the house and a tiny tot to be born soon, that “utopia” may never happen, but it’s nice to think it’ll be available. 🙂

Okey-dokey, well, that was a lot of blather about nuthin’, but I’m glad you came along anyway.  I’ll blog at you later!

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