The Life of a spoiled house cat…

Since Ngung-ngung has been home she has had several great adventures!  I actually don’t know how she has managed some of them myself, but she never ceases to amaze.  You will, of course, remember that I was so excited to get her back home because of the mice invasion.  Well she recoverd from her car ride pretty quickly, I think, and even though she seemed a bit nervous at being home for the first time in a couple months, I’m pretty sure she must have recognized it, because she was careening around and playing pretty quickly.  The first morning she was back I got up and noticed that she was fixated on the small bookshelf in the fireplace room.  Thinking that perhaps there was a good reason, I tipped the shelf forward enough for her to dart back behind it, and sure enough, she emerged with a mouse in her mouth!  I was ecstatic!  Yay for her, she already caught her first mouse!  Imagine my horror when I realized that not only was the mouse not dead, but she seemed to have no plans to kill it any time soon.  She would release it, ON PURPOSE, to bat it around and then pounce on it again.  Then she’d dragg it back to the carpet and repeat the process.  By this point I was totally grossed and freaked out, so I did the smart thing and called in my chivelrous back up. 🙂  Stuart got a box and tried to help the cat catch and dispose of the mouse, but the cat wasn’t much help and eventually the mouse escaped.  Hmmmmm….  Well, we were a little dissapointed in our feline house guest, but what can you do??

Her next great adventure was to somehow get herself stuck in a sticky mouse trap!  I have no earthly idea how she did it, but one morning I woke up to find her with the trap stuck firmly to her side AND the tip of her tail!  It was actually hysterical and I laughed at our silly cat.  She was a little put out for awhile, but I didn’t feel too badly for her.  Stuart eventually cut it off, making her fur look a little strange.  She spent a few days trying to “groom” the sticky stuff that was left over off.  🙂  It’s her own fault though.  Funny kitty!

We had to leave her for a couple days when we went to pick up our dog.  We made sure that all the doors were open, even the closets so that if, per chance, she should happen to find a mouse again, it would have fewer places to hide.  When we got home 2 days later, sure enough, there was not only a dead mouse on the floor, but a lizard as well. 🙁  Gruesome!  I later found another dead mouse in one of the closets.  Score one for the household kitty!!  I wasn’t excited about seeing the dead creatures, but I was glad that they were no longer able to scamper at will about my home.  So it turns out that our neurotic cat was a good idea afterall.   She really is a sweet thing, and I like her even though I’m not really a “cat person.”  I think we’ll keep her!
Here she is, stuck in the sticky trap. I don’t think that this was what the manufactures had in mind to catch. 🙂

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