Rain in the Mountains

This morning we drove down to camp.  There is a mission board retreat going on, but also the BIG truck that has our newest staff members earthly possessions in it arrived and needed unloading.  On our way here I noticed some big dark clouds looming ahead of us, and figured that it would be raining when we arrived.  Sure enough!  It’s slowing down the unloading process for the truck which is unfortunate, but I like the rain.  Especially since we don’t see it all that often out here.  I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to participate in the retreat.  They have a couple afternoon sessions today, but I’m with Qade as he’s having a much needed nap, so I will likely not make it to those.  There is a service tonight, but since Qade has not yet mastered the “sitting still for that long” ability, I’ll probably not attempt that either.  Qade is getting better.  On Wed, I didn’t have to take him out till nearly the very end of the service.  It was so cute when Stuart was leading the singing, Qade started waving his arm in the air too!  Funny boy!

Qade is now 15 months, and I haven’t made his well baby check up yet, so I don’t know what he weighs, but I do know that he has gone through a growth spurt lately.  Especially now that he’s walking everywhere he seems sooo much bigger!  I was looking at his little frame with his baby foot imprint in it yesterday and thinkin, “Wow, could it really have been that tiny!”  And I had a similar thought as he and I were going through his infant clothes to see what would work for the next one.  I held up one of his newborn onsies, and was like, “You actually used to fit in this!”  He was unimpressed though.  Qade now has about a 15-20 word vocabulary.  His favorite words right now are ball, dog, and kitty.  He usually throws in lots of “uh-oh’s” as well, and of course he says please quite a bit.  He thinks that if he says it that automatically means that he gets what he’s asking for.  It’s a difficult concept.  Qade LOVES sausage and bacon!  I can occasionally get him to eat other meat, but those 2 I can always count on.  He’s doing pretty good at his fruit and will even eat some fruit cup peaches now which he wouldn’t touch before.  Something that always works though is garlic bread!  Especially the Olive Garden kind, he just gobbles down!  One of Qade’s favorite games right now is to ride on Daddy’s back!  He’ll climb aboard all by himself and hang on for dear life as Stuart crawls around the livingroom and eventually “dumps” Qade onto the couch amidst squeels and giggles of delight.  It’s hilarious to watch!  Qade is doing very good with “no-no’s” as I said before, and he’s starting to get very good at coming when we call him.  He’s learning to be “gentle” with the cat, which I think is good practice before he gets a baby brother. 🙂  His screaming issues haven’t been as bad the past couple days, so maybe he’s getting over that fun little phase. 🙂  Today I put him in tennis shoes to come to camp, and at first he was complaining, but then Stu took him outside, and he thought it was pretty cool that in those shoes he could walk over the rocks and such.  After that he has had quite a kick out of stomping around in his little shoes.  I just can’t get over what a big boy he looks like.  (sniff)  🙂

Okay, well, that kind of brings you up to date with our lil man and whatever else is going on.  Have a marvelous Lime Green Thursday!