Waz Happnin’

Well, here I art.  It’s been a couple days, I know.  Things have been busy around here.  We’re slowly getting the house back into shape from the whole “clean everything because of mice” deal.  It’s actually starting to be bearable around here now.  There are still small odds and ends that need to find their way home, and I do need to get all our junk out of the trailer from this summer, but one day at a time.  At least right now we can see the floor!

Today I took down Qade’s baby gates.  He has been doing such a good job at leaving things alone when we tell him “no” that we’ve decided to broaden his horizons.  He loves being able to walk all around the house.  I moved the gate with a gate (make any sense?) to the bottom of the stairs, so he does not have access to those right now.  I’m not ready for that!!!  He’s so good at walking now, and he LOVES to carry things!  Ha ha!  Yesterday when Stu was cleaning up some stuff, Qade “helped” by carrying little boxes and tubs.  It was very very cute!!  We try to encourage his sharing and his helping as much as possible.  Today he ‘shared’ one of his gold fish and even though I don’t like them, I ate it and said “thank you” just so he would know I appreciated the gesture. 🙂

Something really cute!  Today I taught Qade to say “baby” when he is patting my belly!  It was just too sweet!  I know he has no concept of what a baby is, and at first I think he thought we were discussing my shirt! 🙂  But it’s still cute to hear him say baby, and one day, not to far from now, he’ll know what it is.

Tonight we had some of the summer staff from camp come over for dinner.  The’ve been in the area so it was nice to get to see them again.  Right now they are out with Stuart “shooting” what fun. (ahem) I made some coffee cake today so when they get back we’ll have some of that.  My taste buds can hardly wait!  Toodles

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