The 2 mile (pant pant) walk

Today it was kinda cloudy this morning so Qade and I ventured a walk.  If I’m going to do it, I’ve realized that I need to get it in early in the day because by mid afternoon, I’m pooped!  So since it wasn’t so hot we went.  It was a really good walk too, there’s just one teeny tiny problem with it.  Well, it’s mostly me.  I think it’s a mental thing.  See when we first start out from the house the road goes up hill.  It’s quite steep, but that’s not the part that gets me.  My mental issues come in with the texture of the hill.  It’s totally sand!  Not Charleston beach nice packed sand, but more like play ground sandbox sand with a little cow manure thrown in.  It’s so deep that pushing Qade’s stroller up that hill is a HUGE challenge.  Once we get to the top it levels out and we’re fine, the sand even tapers off.  It’s just that first hill!!  I’ve even had the thought cross my mind to throw the stroller in the Envoy and drive to the top of the hill and then walk, ha!  Silly, I know, when the whole point is exercise I should be happy to exert the energy.  But I have to admit that the thought of that hill has quenched my walking ambitions more than once!  Hopefully though, with this cofession made, I will be better able to overcome the “block” and get myself out there to walk.  Today’s walk really was nice.  Even on “the hill” Qade kept up a steady stream of chatter, I think, to encourage me to keep going.  Of course, I couldn’t talk back as I was focusing on breathing and to keep putting one foot in front of the other. (drama)  Still it feels good to have done it, and conquered the hill one more time!