A fun time

Hey all, we’ve given up the fight against the mice for a few days and have been spending time with Qade’s Grandparents. 🙂  We had to come get our dog anyway, Stu was going through withdrawal so we decided to spend a couple days in Chino.  It’s hot out here!  But anyway, we came down on Thursday, and dropped of Qade to entertain the grandparents while we went out for our anniversary dinner!  We had a great meal at Applebees and then did some shopping together, and ended the evening at Barnes and Noble with some yummy Starbucks drinks!  We just had a great time being together!  I love being married to my bestest friend in the whole world!!!

Friday we just kinda “chilled” while Stu’s parents were at work.  It was nice to have a day of nuthin’.  We still have a ton of work waiting for ust when we go home, so it was nice to not have to think about anything for awhile.  Qade is getting better and FASTER at his walking!  He’s pretty impressed with himself too.  It’s fun to watch him.  He likes the grandparent’s house because there are no gates to keep him “in” or out as the case may be.  I do have plans to broaden his horizons at home too, but he’s still going to have to wait a bit, till we get the house in order.  He was having major melt downs on Thursday morning before we left because mommy and daddy were going over the gates to pack and such and he wasn’t allowed.  Wow, that was a challenge.  He ended up in time out for awhile over those screaming episodes.  But here it’s all open and free, and he can walk in circles to his heart’s content.

Today we will be heading home sometime.  The dog will be going with us too.  I think the Noggles will miss him (ha ha).  But the bunnies at home are getting bold and have been in the yard and all around the house.  Cisco will take care of that within an hour of being home I’m sure.  Chasing rabbits is one of his most favorite pastimes.  Well, I need to go and sort out our stuff to pack up.  Hope you all are having a spiffy weekend!