Whirl Wind

We got home from Abq on Saturday afternoon and haven’t stopped running since.  When we got here, we had to clean up after the mice, and let me tell you some of that was very disgusting work!  The problem was that Qade wasn’t allowed to be on the floor till we cleaned it, so he was stuck in his pack-n-play till I could get his room cleaned, then he was stuck in his room till we could get the living room cleaned.  Neither option did he like and he screamed and squacked for most of the afternoon.  Poor dude!  Our new vacuum works like a dream!  It has this cool “dirt sensor” light that lets you know if it’s still dirty or not, and let me tell you, that light was ON for most of the time, even after I’d gone over a section several times!  Wow!  Makes me feel like our old vac was doing NOTHING!

Anyway, so we spent Sunday afternoon cleaning as well, and then Monday rolled around and my bro James came to help me paint the kitchen!  Woo-hoo!!  It was oodles of work, poor guy, but we managed to pull it off, and now the kitchen is much brighter and more “modern” looking, I suppose.  I’ll post some pics on here soon.  We still have the counter tops to do, but we have to find a place that sells the “rock” stuff that you can paint on to counters.

I was pretty sore after all the work and bustle of the last couple days.  I had a Dr. visit on Monday morning and I’m now 7 months along, and doing fine!  But the big belly and baby tiredness do tend to catch up to me when I push it too much, so today even though there was tons of stuff left to do, I’ve mostly been taking it easy.  Oh well… there are more days ahead to catch up on the stuff that needs to get done.

Tomorrow is our 3rd anniversary and we’re going to spend the day chillin’ and doing us stuff with the 3 of us.  I’ll be fun, and relaxing and all that.  Well, better be runnin’ the boy just woke up from his nap and is beggin for some attention.  Ta ta friends!