Time to Chill

Camp is over and done… well, sort of.  This summer has concluded, but Stu still has oodles of work to do, and I’ve got some as well, but it’s great to move on to the next thing.  Good-byes never thrill me much.  We had a fabulous staff this summer, and God did some great things!  It was a blast to be a part of it.  I’m excited to see what is in store for the next year or two especially.  Sometimes I feel like we’re just hanging on for the ride, as God makes a ministry.  It’s a really awesome experience!!

Anyway, the staff all dispirsed yesterday, as one of them said on facebook, “The Cows have come home!”  Funny!  We brought one of our staff back to Albuquerque, and we’re spending a couple days with the fam here and getting our cat.  She has grown!!  I’m glad, cause maybe that’ll give the mice something more to think about!  Ha!  Yesterday Stu and I had a “Stu and I time” afternoon. 🙂  We just spent the day together, while Qade entertained his grandparents with his new walking skills.  We saw Wall-E and that was funny!  Then we hung out at Starbucks for a bit.  I got a Kiva-juice smoothy though!  Haven’t had one of those in a LONG time and it was delicious!  To top it all off we went to dinner at Applebees!  Yummy!  Oh, before that though, Stu took me to “Other Mothers” a consignment store for baby and mommy stuff.  I found a couple pairs of pants for the Bubba and none of them were more than $3!  I also found a carseat cover for the wee one, and some new born outfits.  It’s a great place to find gently used clothes for sure!

Unfortunately last night I had a migraine.  Ugh!  I kept trying to kill it, but it decided to try to kill me back- blah!  Mom rubbed my neck for me and that did help some.  Stu was great and put Qade to bed, so I could take a shower and relax.  This am it was much better, and I took a long needed trip to the chiropracter and that helped as well.

Okay, so me and Mom are going to get our toes “done” today so I must get going.  Thanks for being willing readers.  Hope you’re day is going well!  Toodles!

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