Utah and more

Hey fans!  Last night we had a great dinner with the staff at the Olive Garden!  I ate way more than was good for me, but I enjoyed every bite!  Qade did well.  I was thinking that he would struggle being in a high chair after having been in his car seat all day, but he was remarkably patient.  We all had a good night’s sleep and woke up bright and early to get on the road this morning.  We had been warned that there was construction in our path and we wanted to get through it as early as possible.  A very scary thing happened while I was trying to get Qade in his seat this morning.  One of his buckles was all wacky and twisted, I have NO CLUE how it got that way, but I had to move him to try to get it straight, so I set him on the seat next to me, and he lost his balance and took a head dive right out the door of the Yukon!  I screamed and grabbed for him, and caught him by the seat of his shorts, literally!  I hauled him back in and we hugged as he calmed down from his fright and I calmed down from mine!  It was one of the scariest moments of my life I think.  Still it was obvious that God was watching over us and my “lightning reflexes” were working.  Wow!  My mind could drive me crazy with the ‘what if’s” of life, but I know that there’s no use borrowing trouble.  I’m just glad that we didn’t have an accident today!

We’re supposed to make it all the way back to camp in Alpine tonight.  It’s going to be a long day.  Actually kind feels long already, but I think that we’re making good time.  I’m just more than ready to get back and be home.  It might be awhile yet before we’re “normal” as we have to get the cat and the dog and get the house in order, but at least we’ll be back.  I ordered a vacuum from Sears that should do a great job of cleaning our floors.  I don’t want Qade to come across any mouse ick while he’s playing and exploring.  Blah!

Well, I shall sign off for now before I loose internet access.  Happy Monday to you all!

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