On the Road Again!

Yesterday morning pretty bright and early we got up and left our camp home for the last nearly 3 weeks in Canada. You’d think it was sad, but it wasn’t. We were all very happy to get on the road and head back home! Jr. Camp went very well. The kids were excited and energetic, and had a blast as usual. Jr. campers are so much fun, because they can have the best time with the most simple activities. It’s like they’ve made up their mind that they will have a great time, and they do, no matter what they are doing. Anyway, Stuart did a great job speaking for the services as well as running all the games and such. Kind of a one man band, but he had a lot of help. It wore him out a lot though, and I don’t think that he’ll do the speaker/program guy thing again. It’s a lot for one person. Still, like I said he did a fabulous job. He and the other available staff worked really hard to get all of camp packed up early as well. It was great too because it gave all the staff a chance to take it easy on Friday. We took everyone to Airdrie to do some emergency laundry, and get some good food! Our fam ate at A&W and it was yummy! We were all so hungry, even Qade, so when Stu came with the food and took a little “extra” time setting down the tray, Qade reached up and snagged off one of his chicken tenders! It was soooo funny! But anyway, it’s all over, and we have crossed the border and are back in the states! It’s a really good feeling! Even though Canada doesn’t feel that different, it still is, and it’s nice to feel that “home” feeling just because you know that you’re in your own country. It’s hard to explain.
Anyway, I’m looking forward to pulling into home tomorrow evening! Tonight we’ll be staying in Salt Lake at a church, and it’ll be the last hurrah with the staff as we take them to the Olive Garden. But I’ve been ready for a little while now to be back to a “normal” schedule. The mice that have taken over our home are going to be evicted! I’ve got a bunch of plans for stuff that needs to be done before new baby arrives. I really want to get the kitchen painted, after the mice leave, and everything is sanitized. 🙂 So the next trip to town I take will send me to Home Depot to get some color ideas. I’ve been batting around concepts in my brain, but I’m not yet sure what I’ll do. Don’t worry, once it’s done I’ll post some pics for you. 🙂 Okay, I must quit for now. Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday!