Hip- Hip- Hurray!

I am going to be an Aunt!!!  My brother called me all the way to Canada today to share the great news that he and his lovely wife are going to be parents!  I’m already calling it as a girl!  Mom said that she’s caught up with the Noggles (my in laws that is) because they have 2 and a third on the way, now Mom has 1 and 2 on the way. 🙂  As if it’s a competition, sheesh! 😉 But I’m very excited for my baby bro (sniff) it’s hard to believe.  Part of my brain still wants to believe him to be a skinny 7 yr old who can’t keep his socks and shoes on both feet at the same time.  However, I know that he’s become a wonderful man, and will make a marvelous daddy.  Maybe second only to Stuart. 🙂  So yay for me!  I’m very happy!

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