Well, we’re here sure enough, eh?  We all arrived safe and sound in Alberta, even had some good experiences at the border.  As in the agent we spoke to actually smiled this time!  Wow!!  Everyone got more or less settled in on Wednesday evening, and then the storms rolled in.  There are some terrific thunder, lightning, and sometimes even hail storms out here on the planes.  Well, we were snug enough in our camper, though the hail did get a little bit loud at times.  It was big though, last year we had golf ball sized hail, now that was scary!!!  Anyway, it decided to keep on raining all through Thursday when we were supposed to be unpacking camp.  To ease the boardom of the day some of the guys hauled a basket ball goal into the big room in the building where they played some pretty intense basketball apparently.  I had just brought Qade down to the kitchen to roam around a bit before lunch when it walked Stuart with blood all down his neck and all over his shirt.  That was not a happy sight, but I didn’t panic because I realised it was from a little gash in his head and it always looks worse than it is.  Still…    I ended up taking him into a town not too terribly far from here, and we only had to go to 3 clinics till we found somplace available and afordable.  The first place was booked, the second wanted $500 just because we were out of country and another $200 for the stitches.  The third place was friendly, afordable, and fast!  Wow!  So Stu got his first stitches ever for the about inch and a half gash over his eyebrow, and I got a trip to town with my hubby, and Starbucks out of the deal. 🙂  All’s well that ends well, huh?

The staff had a trip to Banff planned for Saturday, and we were looking forward to going and getting lots of great pics with our new camera.  Life had other plans though, and on Friday I was smitten with one of the worst migranes I’ve had in a LONG time!  It actually got bad somtime around 1 or 2 am on  Saturday, and I thought I was gonna die!  You may think that’s dramatic, but when there’s a pain that sevear in your head, you just can’t get away from it.  Stuart was a great help to me.  Marriage is awesome!  You get to live with your best friend ever, and that person cares so much about you that they are willing to sacrifice their own comfort to help you if they can.  He got up with me, and stayed up for a long time just rubbing my neck and head till I could finally relax.  Poor hubby!  His own head still hurt from the elbow incident, so his sacrifice of sleep really did mean a lot to me.  Makes me feel so loved!!  But anyway, the point was, I was in no shape to have an outing the next day so we hung out at camp, just the little Noggle clan.  It was a good day even if my head still was hurting.  At least it was no where near as bad!

That next night I took Nyquil, ha, should have known better.  I took a full dose too, and I did know better!  I slept like a rock and was totally “hung over” all of Sunday.  Good grief!  NEVER again!  I felt so completely stupid, and I’m sure I came across as less than all there.  *sigh*  Oh well, for sure the next time I’ll know better. 🙂

The campers came today, and we have a record number for Camp on Wheels ever!!!  They are highly energized and I just know it’s going to be a great week.  Jim Shettler is the speaker this week, and I’m looking forward to sitting in on a couple of the services.  Qade has been great!  He loves Canada, I think, and he’s really tight with some of the staff.  He’ll have to adjust to just Mom and Dad again once we get home.  I’m afraid we’ll be boring compared to the energetic college kids, but maybe Qade won’t mind.  Pretty soon he’ll have a lil bro anyway, and won’t give it a second though.  Speaking of little brother, he has been quite active lately, and his “pats” are becoming much more forceful. 🙂  We’re very excited that in about 3 months we’ll get to meet this new little one.

Okay, I’m going to try to post this, but who knows if it will, cause the internet out here is very patchy!

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