Baby Steps

Well it’s happened!  On Sunday afternoon Qade took his first genuine official first steps!!  He’s pretty thrilled with this new talent!  I was rather proud of him myself.  He took several “practice” steps to lunge from one piece of furniture to another, but then once he decided he could do it, he started taking steps just to be stepping.  The first few times, it was hilarious, he kept his arms straight up over his head for balance.  It was too cute!!  At one point he walked all around the livingroom and finally stopped in the middle of the floor, and got so psyched out that he started laughing hysterically, I was laughing with him too, and he finally had to sit down cause he was laughing so hard. 🙂

Well, we got started on our road trip with some baby steps of our own.  Monday morning, we got a later start than we planned, but it still all worked out well.  We got to Salt Lake last night around 7:30.  Qade was ready to be out of his carseat for sure once we got here, but he had been a trooper with all the driving.  There is a cute little park with lots of grass and some play equipment not far from the church we were staying at, so once we’d had some dinner we took a strole to the park and let Qade play.  He walked some more on the grass, uphill even!  The texture of the grass (and it was great grass too!) was a novelty for our little Arizona boy, but I think he liked it!  He has a little grass rash on his legs today though.  Hopefully I’ll have a chance to give him a good bath this evening.

Right now we’re on the road again headed toward Idaho and our ultimate destination for the day MONTANA!!  Fun fun fun!  We’re planning to do a midweek service for the church of the folks that we stay with tonight.  I think it’s actually going to take place in their backyard!  How fun!  We get to drive through some really pretty country today for sure!  The mountains in Salt Lake are amazing, and it just gets pretty-er up in Montana, and Idaho is always so green!  It’s fun to watch the landscape change as we go.  Especially going from the dry high desert of AZ to the lush farmlands of Idaho, to the towering mountains in Montana.  It’s awesome!  Today Qade has 4 staff members riding with us in the Yukon to keep him company.  He just loves to “yack” at them. 🙂  It’s too cute to watch him have conversations with everyone and anyone.  I’ll try to post some pictures on here from our fun park outing and Qade walking tonight.  So stay tuned…..

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