Yay for Fireworks!!

Happy fourth of July!!  We just found out today from our resident volunteer fire dude that there will be fireworks tomorrow night in Alpine!!!  Woo-hoo!  I was thinking that we’d have to do without them again this year, but happy day, I was wrong!  We’ve got a great weekend planned even though it’s going to be busy!  The jr. campers left today after lunch and the staff has been hecticly busy since then trying to get the camp cleaned and packed for the trip to Canada.  I have been working in the store getting stuff packed into different bins for storage and shipping.  We’ll be taking some of the stuff along with us to sell to the campers up north, but other of it needed to be in plastics to avoid rats getting into it.  Then this afternoon Stu and I worked in there to get the “staff surprise” ready for them.  It’s fun to do specail things for people, ya know?  Even if it is simple, it’s still cool!  Anyway, so they’ll get to have that this afternoon/evening when most of the work is done.  THEN tomorrow the real fun begins.  We’ll probably use the morning hours to wrap up most of the packing/cleaning, but then after lunch we are taking the staff to a Rodeo!!  Those are just way fun!!  We’ll do that in the afternoon, and then we are planning to grill these fabulous steaks for a yum-yummy dinner and THEN, as if it couldn’t get better, we will get to see the fireworks!!  It’s going to be a late night, but I want to take Bubba anyway.  He needs to experience some fireworks for sure!  Today he is wearing his little red, white and blue USA outfit.  It’s very cute.  He even got watermellon juice on it at lunch, and if that’s not a sign of the 4th, I don’t know what is. 🙂  So enjoy your holiday and your independence too!