That’s exactly what I thought last night when I got home.  There on the counter and in the sink were “calling cards” of a nature that I didn’t want to see.  Yep, our home has been invaded by mice!!!  Nasty!  While our cat is safely living the high life with Oma in Albuquerque, the mice have decided to take over the place.  There was a bowl that had assorted candy and snacks in it on the counter, and they were freely feasting from it.  Gross!  I dumped the contents into the trash and got rid of any other food sources I could think of.  Qade had a grand time playing at home.  I know that he recognizes it, but at the same time since he’s been gone for so long it’s a novelty too!  After I put him to bed I was sitting in the livingroom and low and behold one of the virmin hopped right across the floor!!!  With all the lights on and everything!  Now what is a poor unprotected woman to do when she’s held hostage in her own home by mice????  Well, I wished for my hubby, and then sensibly went to bed.  I mean, surely they won’t be upstairs.  (dum-de-dum-dum)  Sleep was long in coming for me last night.  I don’t like spending  nights away from Stuart at all!  Especially when my soul has been harrowed up by nasty critters.  I even found signs of them in Qade’s room.   Grrrrrr!  So just as I was starting to drift off dispite myself I heard a very strange noise and it was coming from INSIDE my room!!!  I sat up, stupidly, for a few minutes trying to decide the best course of action.  It ended up being- reach over and turn on the lamp, duh!  So I did, and nothing happened.  Just as I was deciding how best to go back to sleep along the wall runs a very active long tailed big eared mouse!  He stopped and looked at me, just like I was looking at him, even sat up on his back feet.  I informed him that once I got my cat back there would be no midnight chats between us two.  In fact he’s got another thing coming if he thinks this coupe is going to go over easily!!!  I don’t know exactly how yet, but the mice will be banished!  It’s a lot of work, and there’s nothing really that we can do about it till we get back from Canada, and that’ll be nearly a month from now, so I’m sure the issues will only increase before then.  However, I’m totally fine with cleaning out the cupboards and washing ALL my dishes once we do get back.  I’m thinking too of investing in a new vacuum because the hose on ours no longer works.  I’m going to want to vacuum the crevases very well, because I believe this particular mouse can carry the Hanta Virus.  Not so good!  No worries though, Stu hates little icky things just as much as I do, so between the 2 of us we’ll rid the house of the “disgusting creatures” and clean and sanitize our way to healthy living.  🙂  Just thought you’d all like to know.

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