Jr. Camp

I’ve been told that I need to update my blog.  Not for lack of want to has it sat idle all this time.  Last week was CRRRRAAAAAAZY!  We had teen camp, and it went really well, but we were just all very very busy!  Stuart was running like mad from sun up till late at night.  I think he’s paying a bit for it now though, cause it might be catching a cold. 🙁  Today started our jr. camp week, and it is too much fun to see these little itty bitty campers arrive so excited about being up in the mountains for camp!  The energy they exude is just amazing!!  I think we have a really good group, and the counselors are going to have a blast with these kids!

Qade has been doing great! He did get his shot last week, and so far hasn’t had any ill effects.  They say that they can get flu like symptoms about a week after, but he’s been doing okay so far.  He had a great time last week with his grandparents for sure!  He’s become quite the jabber bug as well, and talks to everyone and anyone about everything!  It’s hysterical because his vocal inflections are so conversational, and you just know that he’s telling you “something” but his words are just nonsense. 🙂  I laugh a lot about it!  As far as real words go, his newest are “uh” for up, and “daw” for down, and he signs with them as well.  He also now says “Uh-oh” when something gets dropped (0r thrown) on the floor.  The other day he had his hand on a “no-no” door that he’s not supposed to open, and he would shake his head “no” and say “uh-uh.”  It was then that I realized that I often follow up “no-no” with a head shake and an uh-uh. 🙂  At least he’s getting it!  Qade has made good buddies with  most of the summer staff.  It’s pretty funny to watch him interact with them.  He’s quite the mimic too, and that’s scary in some ways.  It just makes you realize that you have to be so careful who your kids get to “hang out” with, because they will become like the people they are most with.

Well, camp is sure to be exciting this week.  I’ll get to see the campers when I’m in the store, but I also need to be thinking about packing up for our trip to Canada.  We’ll be taking up some of the store stuff with us, so I need to get that packed along with our personal stuff.  Qade and I will be having a trip home this week too, because I have a Doctor visit to squeeze in before we leave the country.   Should be a good time.  This weekend we’re going to have fun with the staff by taking them to a rodeo and having a fabulous steak dinner as well!  We (the full time staff) got a staff gift for everyone that we’re sure they will love too!!  Gonna be fun!  So anyway, even if you can’t be having as much fun as we are, have as much fun as you can!!!  Toodles!

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