Happy Monday

Today campers arrive for our second teen week at camp.  The work week went well, and a lot was accomplished, but I think we’re all ready to have campers again.  Last night me and some helpers got the store/snackshop ready to run.  I have to say that I’ve been sadly disappointed with the company that we ordered stuff from for our store.  In the first place, NONE of it was here on time.  Once it did start arriving, after camp had already started, the orders were printed wrong, and so were unusable!  We finally got the imprinted waterbottles and will be selling those this week, but still no sign of the latte mugs that I was so excited about, and the sweatshirts were wrong and haven’t been replaced yet.  It’s been a disaster!!  I suppose it’s a learning experience, but the main thing that I have learned is to NEVER order from this company again!

Qade is bound to have fun this week.  His grandparents are coming up with their teen group as sponsors.  His Uncle James and Aunt Joy will be here too.  Let the spoiling commence!!  I happen to know that they are bringing black “Aussie” licorice and some vianna sausages just because Qade likes them.  Maybe if I’m a good mommy Qade will share some licorice with me! 🙂

Tomorrow I have to take Qade to town to get his shot.  It’s the MMR and I’m dreading this one.  I’ve read enough and been reasured by the nurses (Qade’s doc doesn’t cout, she was so rude aobut it when I asked her questions that I’m going to change his doctor!!) that this immunization is safe, but it still bothers me for some reason.  Besides that I’m sure it’s going to make Bubba unhappy for a couple days, and I hate to do that during camp, but this is really the last chance I’ll have before we head to Canada, and Stuart would like it done.  So, pray for me and Bubba tomorrow.  Maybe having the grandparents here will help counter the ill effects of the shot. 🙂

Y’all enjoy your week!

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