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I know there are issues in our country’s health care system.  I know that doctors make mistakes (they are human too).  I know that lots of stuff goes wrong, but I have to say that I’m so thankful to live in the USA and have the options for the care that we can get.  I was reading this article on the foxnews site, and it just made me realize that people all over the world suffer through things that we will never have to know.  So even though I complain about doctors and their attitudes sometimes, deep down I’m very thankful that they’re out there and available.  So here’s the article.  It’s not long.  I’m sure the family is happy about the outcome despite the wrong diagnosis!

A baby girl born in Mumbai, India, on Monday was diagnosed stillborn but astonished her family by gurgling as they took her to the cemetery the next day, BBC News reported.

Hospital authorities ordered an inquiry to determine if the medical staff acted negligently in its diagnosis.

The baby girl was delivered during a complicated labor at seven months gestation, the report said.

The child’s 30-year-old mother suffered life-threatening convulsions and high blood pressure over the weekend and was prescribed “powerful medicines” for the conditions. She later delivered the baby, who was “limp” at birth, prompting hospital staff to declare her stillborn.

The baby’s condition is believed to have resulted from the medications taken by the mother and she likely awoke once the medicine wore off, Suleiman Merchant, acting dean of Sion Hospital, where the child was delivered, told BBC.

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