Bubba’s Buddy

Well, yesterday was a success as far as I’m concerned.:-)  I know the ultrasound is for checking certain things on the baby and making sure everything is ship shape, but in my mind it was only worth while if we could find out “what it is.”  ha ha!  So we did.  I was watching the monitor and “noticed” before the doctor even said anything, sure enough it’s a little buddy boy!  I’m thrilled that Qade will have a little brother and they’ll be so close in age too!  It’s going to be oodles of fun!  The Dr. said that everything looked good and on track, so that was encouraging too.  We found out later when talking to Stu’s dad that this doctor was the one who actually delivered Stuart and his sister!!!  How funny is that?

After our appointment and some other running around we had lunch at Cracker Barrel where Qade made some friends with an older couple sitting across the aisle from us.  It’s amazing how quickly a baby can break the ice, and we had a good conversation with some folks we probably would never have talked to otherwise.  I had chicken fried chicken by the way, it was yummy!!  Qade had some chicken fingers, well, at least parts of them.  Some of the “fingers” ended up being thrown on the floor.  I was kind of humored, because they put us at a table right near where everyone comes in to the dining area.  Well, Qade being the silly kid that he is was chucking quite a bit of stuff on the floor.  At one point I saw this very grumpy looking lady who was obviously a manager or something by the way she was yelling at everyone in the kitchen, stoop to pick up a smooshed biscut that Qade had thrown.  And then she walked by another time and picked up soemthing else.  Made me chuckle inside!

When Qade whent to the doc on Monday we found out that he’s only in the 15% for weight.  It’s not a problem and the doctors haven’t been concerned, he’s in the 35% for his height, so he’d just a smaller kid at this point anyway.  However I got him some of this breakfast drink powder that I used to give the little guy I was nanny for.  He was a skinny kid too, and we just added it to his milk a few days a week to get a little extra proteen and calcium and calories.  He called it “ninna milk” because it’s vanilla flavored.  So I figured it might do Qade some good to have a few ninna milk days a week as well.  We’ll see if he likes it.  I think he probably will, cause he loves his straberry milk too!

Hope you all are having a great Lime Green Thursday!  Ta ta

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