Feelin’ Chipper

Yesterday I took Qade in to the Springerville clinic because it was bugging me that he’d had a temp for so long.  I figured he was just working through a virus, but it just gives me a peace of mind to know that there’s no ear infection or anything else that needs ‘help.’  Stuart hit it on the head when he said, “So you needed to take him to the doctor for YOU.”  It’s true.  We could have done without the visit, but it made me feel better anyway, and at least Stu understood, even if in his own mind he felt like it was a waste of time.:-)  At least he didn’t say it. Ha ha!

This morning Qade woke up feeling fine and froggy!  He’s been much happier and more active today.  He just got up from a great morning nap, and still feels ‘cool’ so that’s good.  This morning after breakfast I was letting him “air dry” like I do sometimes.  He had on his onesy top, but nothing under.  Turns out it was a good thing that little flap was hangin’ down there!  Ha ha!  I looked at him, not long after the diaper came off and there was a big wet spot on the front of his shirt!!  Ha ha ha!  So off it came, and since I figured it was all worked out, he could play for a while longer.  He was crawling around like crazy, and I was laughing at him because all he had on were socks, and it looked toooooo funny!  I got some pics and might just have to share one with you if I can find the cable to transfer them.  Oh, it was hilarious!

Today the guys are at the new camp property taking down some trees and doing other rough and tough physical labor.  The ladies are organizing and cleaning this campsite.  I’m supposed to be doing registration data work, but I need Stuart’s help, as this new program keeps throwing me for loops.  Hmmmm…  Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, we are going up to our house this evening to spend the night because tomorrow I have an apointment with ultrasound!!  Hopefully if we have a cooperative wee one we’ll find out what’s cookin’ in there. 🙂  My mom is about crazy with anticipation, and keeps reminding me that I HAVE to call her as soon as we know.  I think she’s afraid that we’ll turn mum and keep the information secret.;-) Now, would I do a thing like that?  Of course not! Ha ha ha!  We did keep Qade’s name a secret, which I believe we’ll do with this one too, but we did let everyone know he was a him.  So stay tuned for the “big news” post that’s sure to be coming in the next day or 2 depending on time.


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