Week’s End

Well, last night I was pretty much out of steam.  Good thing it was Friday.  Yesterday Qade started to feel bad and he had a fever and just seemed miserable.  So we made it an early night for him.  I tried to stay up till Stu got back, but I figured he was tied up with some of the last minute camp issues.  Eventually I took my tired brain to bed, and slept pretty well last night.  Stu and I have switched sides in the bed.  He’s now sleeping on the ‘hilly’ side, just to help me get a more comfy night’s sleep.  Isn’t he the best?!  I sure think so!  Anyway, this morning, I still had a hard time getting up and I could tell by Bubba’s voice that he was still not feeling good.  Sure enough his temp was back up and he was miserable, poor baby!  I took him to our bed, which is usually fun and games, and he just laid there and cried.  I felt so bad for him.  He and I didn’t go down to camp for breakfast, so we didn’t see the campers off, but that’s okay.  We needed some rest time.  Qade, and I, took a mid morning nap in the big bed and he woke up feeling somewhat better.  He was still fussy, but he didn’t seem as hot and after a little bit even played some. 🙂  Good sign.  Stuart had to go to the new property with the guys this afternoon to do “stuff.”  I miss him.  Seems like it’s been hit and miss, more miss, as far as seeing each other this week.  Next week will be better I think.  At least we have a Dr. apt on Wednesday that we get to go to together.  I just hope poor Bubby get’s feeling better soon.  I hate it when he’s down.  Makes me feel pretty helpless.  Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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