More Signs

Hey everyone!  Just me again here with a plug for baby signs. 🙂  Qade has been doing so well with his.  He knows “please” “more” “thank-you” (this one is soooooo cute!  His “Aunt Rachael” helped him learn this and he also “says” it with the sign.  It sounds pretty convincing to me) and of course “bye-bye.”  I’m going to start on UP and DOWN with him so that he can begin to communicate what he wants.  It has been so amazing to see how it cuts down on the fits and frustration for him.  Example: today at lunch he wanted his snack cup with the goldfish in it and it was just out of reach, so he started to fuss, and I asked him to say “please” and it immediately stopped the fussing.  He just asked nicely and I helped him.  Sometimes I don’t even have to say the word, I’ll just ask him, “What do you say?” and he’ll say please.  It’s awesome!  This summer I also want to work on the words “food,” “milk” and “drink” (which we will use for juice, because the one for juice is kinda hard) and I think “mommy” and “daddy” and “baby” we will work on some as well.  He’s in a very mimicking stage right now so it’s very easy to get him to do the signs.  And like I said, it cuts down on the frustration on both ends when he can communicate what he wants/needs.

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