Funny time

Hi all, I had a great post all thought out in my brain earlier today, but just like Anne of Avonlea forgetting the speech she memorized for her students, I can’t remember a word of it.  So I’ll ramble for a bit to make up for it, then I’m going to bed.  I’m very very very very sleepy!  Camp is going great!  I’ve been having a good time in the General Store selling fun stuff and lots of sugar!  Yay for counselors who get to live with these kids hyped up on sugar and caffene.  Tonight was funtime and while I was a little nervous about it being pulled off, I thought the guys did a great job, and it was actually funny!  Yay for us!  The campers loved it too by the enthusiastic laughing and cheers that they participated in.

Qade is doing pretty well.  I’ve had some discipline issues with him the last couple days and that’s not fun, but I know I need to be consistent even when we’re out of “schedule” and not in our normal place.  He can have quite a temper, and we’ve got to help him nip that in the bud (butt?)  I still think for the fact that such a little guy has to adjust to a whole new place and a BUNCH of new people that he’s doing a great job!  This morning he took 2 steps by himself!!!  Daddy has been working with him, and he thinks it’s this terribly fun game.  I get the biggest kick out of watching him.  I let him run around “mecked” in the morning when I get him up so that he can “air dry.”  It helps his bottom not get too rashy.  So this mornin’ when he was trying to walk it was just too funny to watch his little hiney work to keep himself up.:-)  Ha!  Hopefully he will never see this post.  I shouldn’t talk about his little bum, but it’s just too cute not too! Ha ha ha!!  Anyway, Stu’s mom is here for a couple days and she’s going to help me watch Qade while I work in the store.  It’s usually during his nap time, but I don’t like to leave him without a responsible person.

Well, I’ve got to run.  Morning has been coming way too early, and I need to be at the snack shop to sell hot chocolate, and cappuccino during breakfast.  Toodles!

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