Another Sunday

Today the entire staff packed up and headed north for the 2 hour trek to Sanders.  We had some good services!  One of the staff guys preached the morning service and did a sparkling job!  Qade was banished to the back with the other munchkins for Sunday School, but he got freaked out at one of the staff guys who was back there helping.  It took 2 other staff members, Daddy, and a cracker to restore order. 🙂  Ha ha!!!  He was just way too tired to deal with it, but once he got happy again, he was fine.  After service we had a lovely lunch that the camp cook and helpers prepared ahead of time!  It is soooo nice not to have to think about fixing dinner every day!  Woo-hoo for yummy camp food!  The afternoon service was really refreshing.  The staff sang their songs for camp (a good practice run) and some gave testimonies between songs.  It was a really great service and I was encouraged, so therefore it’s a success!  Ha!  Tomorrow the campers arrive, ready or not!:-O  I hope that we’re more ready than not, but we shall see.  The guys are even now engaged in funtime practice.  I’ve yet to see any of it in action, so I’m looking forward to the first performance on Wednesday.  Pray for all of us, there is a lot going on!

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