Camp Critters

Okay so what would camp be without a few creatures to keep us company, huh?  Some of the critters I enjoy.  For example, Wednesday me, Qade and our friend Rachael went to town, about 30 min away, to get some camp “stuff”.  We were almost back to camp when we saw two mommy Elk with their very new babies!!   The one calf was right on the side of the camp road so we got a really good look at him.  It was sooooo cool!  I’d never seen one so close before.  We stopped and gawked for a minute or two then left them alone, as the mom was looking a big nervous. 🙂  I can understand the feeling- ha!  BUT there are other critter, such as the ones who have been leaving their “calling cards” on the floor in my bathroom, that I do NOT appreciate or like in the least!  It all started “one day” when I had brought Qade up to the house for some play time before nap. I sat down and got comfy in the rocking recliner in our room when I just “happened” to glance over and see a DEAD MOUSE!!!  It was right there on the carpet feet in the air!  UGH!!  Needless to say, I was not comfy any longer!  I was just glad that Qade didn’t “discover” it first!  So, I got my handsome hero to dispose of the vicious beast when he came up.  The next day I needed a “potty break” and we were down at the lodge so I just took Qade into the restroom with me cause there was no one to watch him.  He entertained himself by whacking away at the bathtub. (I think he wants to be a drummer!) When I stooped to pick him up after washing my hands I noticed a perfectly LIVE mouse skampering around the tub!!  EEEEK!  Actually, it looked pretty ill, so maybe it had been in the D-Con, but still it was moving around and that grossed me out!  One of the other guys came to our rescue and scooped it out in a pail and dumped it outside somewhere.  That same night after I put my beloved boy to bed, I was sitting on our king sized waterbed (which is not kind to poor spines!) working on the computer when somehthing caught my attention out of the corner of my eye.  It was a VERY alive mouse running from the dresser to the door!  Do you think I was about to put my feet on that floor where rodent paws had tread???  That night Stu set a trap just on the other side of the door that the irksome creature had run through, and the next morning, sure enough, we had us a smooshed mouse.  😛  Icky!  However, I am convinced that there are many more of them lurking around our abode as evidenced by the ‘evidence’ in the bathroom.  *sigh*

Well, on to other things.  Qade woke up with a head cold this morning.  He’s been trying to be “okay” but you can tell he just doesn’t feel that good.  He has been sneezing lots, and has the drippy nose.  He detests having his nose wiped at all, poor guy.  I detest seeing trails of snot all over his face, so you can guess what our day has been like. 🙂  But we’ve been having fun too.  One of his very favorite things to do, I don’t know why, is to wallow around on our big bed.  He knows it’ll end up in him being tickled, but he loves to do it anyway.  In fact he invites it by squirming up to the pillows and flipping on his back with this HUGE grin on his face as if too say, “Go ahead… make me laugh!”  The anticipation just about kills him though, and by the time you barely touch him, he’s just shrieking.  It makes me laugh too, and we usually end up in a big heap laughing together. 🙂

Tonight we are doing a “special” Snack Shop night for the staff.  Rachael and I planned to have Italian Cream Sodas for them, but we couldn’t find the syrup, so we’re doing A&W rootbeer floats instead. 🙂  They will get to browse camp merchandise as well as get their FREE staff shirt. 🙂  I think it’ll be a good time.  I’ve had a couple gals helping me to “set up” the store, and it’s looking pretty good.  We still haven’t received our Latte mugs, Water bottles, or the sweatshirt we’re planning to sell.  Grrrrrr…. I’ve been a little peeved especially as the guy we ordered from assured me that they would all be here “in time.”  I think next year I’ll give him a date a couple weeks earlier.  Hopefully the boxes will be delivered today and we can pick them up Sunday when we’re home.   I’m especially happy about the Latte mug!!  I think I’ll have to buy a couple myself!  Ha!!  As if I need more coffee paraphernalia.

Well, must go.  Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!  Pray for us and the campers that are coming Monday!!!  Ack!