Happy Campers

Well we’re half way through staff training week, and things are going swell. 🙂 The staff all really seem to be on board, and are showing much initiative! They’ve been working hard along with attending their training sessions. I had a couple gals help me this afternoon set up stuff for the snackshop and General Store. They did a fabulous job, and I have to brag on my own successful use of a drill for the first time. 🙂 We haven’t received all of our merchandise yet, which kind of irritates me since I ordered it months ago!!!!!! Oh well, we’ll get it this weekend (hopefully) and then all the little campers will have their choices of latte mug, water bottle, and some stylin’ t-shirts!

Qade is quickly becoming the camp ham with all of his antics. He’s taken more interest in walking lately, and this afternoon he walked the entire length of the Lodge by holding the back of my pants and walking with me. It was HILARIOUS!! I was glad though, that I don’t have to take “baby steps” all the time!! This evening after the service we had icecream sundaes, and Qade LOVED the M&M’s! 🙂 It was a late night for him tonight, and he was having a major meltdown before he got to bed. I’m glad that he’s getting to “hang out” with the staff though, he’s making some good friends. He still wants mommy most of the time, but he’s branching out a little, and that’s good.

Well, my hubby just got “home” from a fun-time rehearsal, and it’s getting late, so I believe I’ll say goodnight and snuggle for a few minutes before I hit the hay. 🙂 P.S. For Mom: I was going to call you this evening, but it got late fast. Hopefully we’ll have a new phone soon. I love you!!!

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