A Mountain Saturday

Well, today was a “chilaxin” day. (As James would say)  We slept in, which was much needed since Qade kept us up for several hours the night before!!  Then we went to Micky-D’s with James, Joy and David for a late-ish breakfast!  It was yummy!  I like their McGriddles, but they were out of hashbrowns so that was kinda sad. 🙁  Stu worked a lot today on the camp data base, but I mostly took it easy.  All of the staff that are here, besides us, took the hour trek into Sho Low to make a Wal-Mart run.  They got a lot of stuff that’s needed for camp as well, so that was good.  While we were here on our own, one of our other staff members got in.  So we took he and his fam for a little camp tour, and then had a lunch.  I did lots of laundry today, but I also got in a good nap while the Qade was sleepin’ too!  That was nice!  This evening we went for a walk in the cool mountain air.  Qade loves to be outside!  Now I’m just killing time, and Bubba is playing on the floor.  A moment ago he was dancing with his reflection in the glass!  That’s hilarious!  He’s starting to get more serious about the walking thing.  Still isn’t willing to let go, but he’s thinking about it more than he has before. 🙂 Tomorrow al of the staff is running up to Sanders for church at Living Waters.  It’ll be nice to add some fresh faces to the crowd.  Hope you all are having a swell weekend!