Happy Lime Green Thursday!

Since I’m back in the “camp mode” I have to, of course, wear lime green on Thursday.  It’s tradition!  Qade also has some lime green that I got him on purpose so that he too could join in the fun.  Mostly though, I don’t think he knows what he’s wearing half the time.  In fact he’d go around in the buff if we let him. 🙂  Yesterday was fun though.  We went through some of the stuff for the General Store, and organized a bit of it.  We’re going to let a couple of the creative counselors help “decorate” and set up though.  We’re super excited about some of the new stuff we have to sell to the campers.  Today I think I need to get the office set up and I’m not sure what all else.  I think a nice Alpine walk is due now that the stroller is here. Stuart had to run back “home” for church last night and he picked up a bunch of stuff that we couldn’t fit before.  Well, I need to grab my mornin’ coffee and get the boy up and ready for breakfast.  Toodles!

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