Kickin’ and a Grinnin’

This evening the “new” baby has been having a grand ol time in it’s nice warm room.  It’s been so happy about “something” that there has been a little party going on in there.  Yes, and apparently dancing is the main event in this party for one.  I guess really it’s a party for two, because while I’m not in on whatever it is that’s so exciting, I can get in on the dancing part, in a way. 🙂  This little one has really been kicking a lot this evening, in case you hadn’t caught that.  It makes me smile to feel the little tap dancer in there.  I get more and more excited to meet this new little person who is coming into our lives.  I know that Qade will be an awesome big bro, and it’s already been proven that Stuart is an amazingly great Dad.  So now all we need is to find out who this little somebody is.  We already know that he/she is wonderful, I’d just like for everyone one else to get in on it, not just me. 🙂

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