Warm Days and Home-made Ice Cream!

It suddenly turned SUMMER here today!  Wow!  I think it got up to *90, and tomorrow will likely be hotter!  Shwew!  So to commemorate the “first day” of summer, I bought an ice cream machine and made some ice cream.  I’ve only had a tiny taste, (cook’s prerogative) and then as soon as I’m done doinking around on the computer, Stuart and I are going to dig in. 🙂  The sun is sinking, the boy is in bed, but it is still not coolin’ off much in this house.  We’ll likely sleep with the windows open tonight…. at least upstairs.  I don’t like to leave downstairs windows open.  Our swamp cooler is still “winterized” so that is no help at this point, but there are a couple ceiling fans that do at least move the air around.  I’m just very thankful that I’ll be spending a lot of the summer in the cool mountains.  I’m beginning to wonder, though, when we get back it will be Aug and that’s like the hottest month of the year!  I imagine I shall move my glider rocker under the cooler vent and just sit there and sip lemonade. At that point I’ll be 7 months pregnant and those little people in there tend to feel like a furnace!

Okay enough blather.  The lap top is making my legs hot too, so now I need to console myself with some nice frozen newly churned ice cream!

Ta ta!

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