Okay, so I did all that work to tell you all that I’m “moving’ my blog, and now I’ve decided not to. 🙂  My tech savvy hubby informed me that at blogspot you have a very limited space, and because we have a new stinking nice camera, the picture files are HUGE.  That being said it would quickly eat up the available space if I did photos the “easy” way, so now I’m stuck jumping through the same loops in order to post the pictures.  SO I decided to just work on my patience and continue on as I had been.  I was actually, in part, doing it for you, my readers, because I figured that you probably wanted to look at pictures more than just read my blather.  However, if that’s the case you can always just not read whats on here, and wait for the post with the pics. 🙂

I was going to write a big long blog about all the stuff I’ve been doing lately, but that will have to wait.  My hubby needs some breakfast, and I’m starving too, so I will see you all again, same raz blog, same raz time. 🙂  Toodles

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