Teefers Trouble

Poor baby boy is havin a hard time the last couple days. 🙁  I believe it’s the terrible teething that causing it.  He’s already getting MOLARS!!  No free time between teething in this house.  He’s had some really wretched diapers, and a low grade temp since yesterday.  Today there were moments where he just seemed to be way too uncomfy.  He was putting everything he could find in his mouth to munch on, and would get frustrated if the chosen object (like a ball) wouldn’t fit!  That was actually a little humorous.  Still, I felt really bad for him this afternoon.  He got up from his nap, after not quite an hour, and had another yucky dirty diaper, but his poor little bottom is so irritated by this point that he just wails while he’s being changed.  Then his teeth really seemed to bother him, so I gave him some tylenol and his first pop cycle!  It’s one of those ones in the plastic sleeve that you push up or whatever.  Anyway, another crisis occurred when he realized this “thing” made his fingers cold.  So mommy wrapped in in a washcloth and helped him eat it.  He really got into it once he didn’t have to hold it, and I’m sure the coldness of it helped to take the edge off of the teeth pain.  Poor lad!  He’s trying to be a trooper, but there’s just so much you can take, ya know?  I gave him a bath tonight to try to help his poor bottom, but I think the water made it burn too, cause normally he loves baths, but this time he just cried and didn’t want to sit down.  I let him play “mecked” for a little bit to let it dry out before caking him with Balmex.  Hope it helps overnight.  Tomorrow we are going for a hike!!!  Stu surprised me by calling and canceling Sage and arranging for us to have a family outing!  How sweet he is!!!  Having a great man in your life really makes it wonderful!  Hope you all have as great a Friday as I plan to have.  Toodles!

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