Not Enough Room

Apparently that’s the thought of our newest little one.  Our tiny tyke has been making “her” (according to all the grandparents anyway) known much today.  This afternoon I was doing some big important camp research, and the laptop must have been “in the way” because there was a series of jabs from the inside out.  “I insist that you remove whatever it is that is taking up my valuable lap space!”  Man, if I could only be sold as real estate I’d make a fortune as popular as the limited space seems to be!  Anyway, I’ll be 16 weeks tomorrow, and I’m pleasantly surprised that I can feel this little one so well!  With Qade I waited and waited and people kept asking if I felt anything, and I’d be like, “Uh… I dunno” cause I wasn’t sure what it was “supposed” to feel like.  It’s pretty clear this time around though.  Another active tot just content to poke from the inside.  What fun that must be!  They must somehow know that once they get “out” kicking mom is frowned upon, so they have to get it all in while they still can. 🙂  I don’t mind.  I like the little reminders through the day that hey, someone is in there and wants a little mommy attention. 🙂

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