Missin’ Home

Hello People.  Qade and I have been having a little adventure in New Mexico!  We came over on Friday.  It was a fun trip.  The getting ready for it wasn’t.  That morning I was trying to pack and make sure I had all the “gear” I need for Qade.  Well, he had obviously made up his mind to be as cantankerous as possible.  He ended up in his crib for a “time out” because he wouldn’t stop screaming.  FINALLY we were all packed, and headed out.  Qade took a nice nap while I was driving, and woke up just in time to be hungry for lunch.  We stopped at a Love’s and I got a subway sandwich and he got chicken tenders.  Our little picnic in the vehicle was oodles of fun.  It was way too blowy and chilly outside to attempt it.  Then we made it to Grandpa and Grandma’s house after that.  Their church’s mother/daughter dinner was that night, so we got to attend.  Qade doesn’t know he’s not a daughter, and since he freaked out when Uncle James tried to take him to the nursery, he had to hang out with the ladies anyway. 🙂  We don’t mind.  Qade has just recently started this separation anxiety thing.  Hopefully this summer with spending lots of time around different people will help.  He’s not awful, at this point, but it’s certainly there.  Anyway, we’ve just been hanging out and having fun.  We went to Wendy’s for lunch after church Sunday, and Qade (since he had been given lots of snacks in the nursery) threw all his food on the floor. 🙂  I was a terrible mom and just left it for the Wendy’s people to clean up.  It’s certainly harder doing stuff as a “single” ma.  I’m ready to go home and see my man again!!  Today I ran to the mall to get some “stuff.”  I’m having a hard time finding any cute maternity tops. 🙁  I did find some pants and capris on sale though, so that was cool.  This afternoon, Qade has his one year picture appointment!  Hope he’s in a smily mood!  Tomorrow we shall be homeward bound and finally get to see our very much missed Stuart!  Qade misses his daddy, and I miss my hubby!

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