A Year With the Boy

I was watching Qade and Sage play today.  As I sat on the floor seeing the looks of glee on their little faces as they looked at each other through the gauzey sash around the window, I was thinking about how thankful I am that I got to spend this year with Qade.  Just to think back only a few months at how much he has changed and grown.  He really seems so much more like a big boy recently.  There are so many “little” things that I would have missed if I hadn’t been able to stay at home with my Bubba.  I know that sometimes mommies have no choice but to go back to work after the baby comes, but it just makes me that much more thankful that I didn’t have to make that tough choice.  I’m thankful that I’m married to a man who puts the highest priority on marriage and family.  One who believes too that the mommy is the best person to leave the baby with.  I’m thankful for his hard work to support us, and make it possible for me to stay with Qade.  I’m thankful for the days I get to spend with my little man.  The play times, the rocking chair times, the book reading times, the tears times, the (ick) diaper times, the bath times, the food in the hair times, the discipline times, the grins and giggles times, the toe and tummy tickles times, the just watching him to see what he’ll do times.  I’m so glad that I’ve had all those times with Qade.  Occasionally I long for a little “me time” but that’s just now and then, and I’d never give up any of the times I get to have with Qade for an extra trip to a coffee shop with my journal, or a hike in the woods, or shopping, or working, or whatever in the world I did with all my time before he came.  Time is a gift that we have to give to people or keep for ourselves.  I’m learning that the time I give is the best times. 🙂

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