On The Mend

Well, I think we’re getting over this wretched bug. So far Stuart has avoided it. I really hope he doesn’t get sick!! Qade woke up today talking and smiling and laughing. He actually asked for his milk at breakfast time, and I fed him some oatmeal. He and I didn’t go to church today, but rather focused on resting and getting more better. 🙂 Qade has been pretty wiped out today even though he has valiantly tried to be more energetic. I think he may have even asked to go down for a nap this afternoon. He was sitting on my lap very obviously tired, and he kept saying “Na-na” which in my mind could have been “night-night” which we always say to him when he goes to bed. Anyway, I do think that we’ll be over this thing soon. At least Qade hasn’t had a fever today. I’m supposed to take him in for his 12 month exam on Friday which I think I will still keep, but I’m not going to get him any shots this time around since he’s been so sick. I’ve been “researching” which some people don’t like, about the vaccines and I’m not at all comfortable about the MMR, so we’re not going to get that at this time. I may have him immunized eventually, but if so I’ll probably do each virus separately and have a month or so between each one. I just don’t think that introducing 3 or more live viruses to your little guy’s immune system is smart. I KNOW no “scientific” studies have linked MMR to autism, but if you look at the warnings they DO give there’s a lot of food for thought just there. Okay, so enough of my soap box for the moment. I may do another post on it sometime once I’ve made my final decision and have more information. All that to say, we’re going to the doc and not getting any shots. 🙂 I do want to see what his height and weight are though so I know when he’ll be able to face forward in his car seat. That’ll be a fun adventure!! Okay, enough rambling, here are some recent pics for your amusement. 🙂 Toodles.
Here’s poor sick bubba. Don’t his eyes just look so sad? This was one of his “better” moments too. At least he’s feeling better now.
Me and “baby” having some watermellon. Been trying hard to stay hydrated these last few days.
Stu was all tuckered out after the church work day on Sat. I think he woke up with a crick in his neck from this nap.

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