Icky days

Well, since Thursday my boy and I have been extremely under the weather.  Except that doesn’t make sense because the weather has been pretty.  I spent most of Thursday aching very very badly and feeling sick to my stomach.  Blah!  Qade seemed fine for most of the day till around evening when he didn’t want any dinner (highly unusual) and started being extra fussy.  He actually did the honors of losing the contents of his stomach right before bedtime.  Fortunately for me most of it ended up on a blanket on the floor!  Lucky hit!  I don’t think I would have made it otherwise.  Stuart was at parent teacher conferences that evening so it was just me there to hold down the fort.  I did manage to get buckwheat in the bath, which he enjoyed, and clean up the other mess.  I’m going to have to shampoo the carpet though cause it was pretty potent.  Bleck!  Anyway, I didn’t sleep well that night, I kept racing to the bathroom thinking something was about to “happen” and almost wish it did because maybe then I could have slept.  Well Friday dawned still feeling miserable.  Stu had to take the dog into town to get “fixed” and originally we were just all going to go with him and hang out till my OB appointment that afternoon, but there was NO way I’d make it in a hot vehicle all day, and Qade was just so miserable too.  I went to get him up and he just sat in his bed and cried.  I felt so bad for him.  It was just a sad cry, like he just couldn’t take it.  I got some juice into him, and then he and I went upstairs to my bed where he promptly koncked out on a towel and I too took a nap.  We slept probably till nearly 11.  Well, we had to go back to town for my dr. visit, and while we were there the Dr. said I lost 3 lbs, was dehydrated and “starving.”  So she put me on some IV fluids to help me get back on my feet for the weekend.  Don’t want an emergency room visit after all.  The fluids really did help, but the nurse had to poke around a bit to get it working.  THAT was not fun!  Qade was pretty fussy, poor boy, but he went right to sleep once we got him in his seat and hit the road.  By 6:30 we were home and just about all of us was ready for bed, the poor dog included.  I still don’t think he knows what happened to him.  ha ha!  Last night we all slept much better, but Qade was still feverish and sick this morning.  He and I again slept the morning away, but I’m sure we needed it.  I’ve been giving him little servings of oatmeal and crackers.  He’s been drinking pedialite and a tiny bit of milk.  I’ve been trying to keep drinking water, but don’t have much of an appetite still.  What a way to spend the weekend, huh?  Qade has been sleeping a lot this afternoon, and I’m hoping by tonight he’ll actually be feeling much better.

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