The new one

This Monday Stuart went to the humane society and picked out a new cat for us. He told me the reason he picked this particular one was because it stuck it’s paw out and tried to scratch him. 🙂 He figured that meant it was feisty and would be a good mouser. So on Wednesday I went to town to pick up our newly fixed cat. Stuart forgot to notice if it was a girl or boy cat, and after it was fixed I guess it doesn’t matter. But it used to be a girl, just so ya know. It had this huge shaved spot on it’s side and a teeny tiny incision with stitches. I think she’s embarrassed about her bald spot. Well, I brought her home, and she sat in the box on the front seat with me on the way home and kept sticking her nose out the hole to look at me. She’s jet black with weird eyes that are green around the pupil and gold around that.  She seems to be settling in pretty well at home.  We’ve been keeping her inside till she realizes that this is home.  She is very curious about everything.  The day after I brought her home I found her near the ceiling, she had climbed the rocks on the wall behind the wood stove!  She’s been great with Qade so far, and we decided to let him name her.  He chose the name Ngung-ngungn, but for short we call her Jade. 🙂  Hopefully she’ll be a great mouse deterrent even if she’s not so big.   Maybe the spirit of Thomas will keep her from tackling any coyotes as well.

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