Lizard tongue

That’s what it feels like when you have to mouth breathe all night because your nose is not working at all!  Yes, several times last night I woke up with a completely parched and dried out tongue/mouth.  It feels really gross!  Not like your normal tongue at all!  It doesn’t even feel like it’s part of your body.  It feels like a lizard in your mouth!!  Icky, nasty, sick-0!  Hence I did not sleep blissfully as I would have liked to last night.  Such is the life of an allergy sufferer. *sniff*

But today has been a pretty good day anyway.  Stu got to surprise come home from work for a few minutes, and have a little breakfast.  I was happy to see him because I really didn’t get up to see him off since my night was so blah.  I got some housework done (yippee) and I cleared my “inbox.”  Remind me that someday I’m going to do a post called, “Why I loathe and dispise GTD.” 🙂  My hubby will appreciate it I’m sure.  Anyway, Sage is here, and he too is suffering from allergies or a cold.  Either way tis I who gets to wipe his yucky nose, and he does NOT like it one bit!  Still he’s mostly okay and the boys have been having fun together.  Qade had a great lunch today.  Avocado, bananas, cheese (of course) a cracker, and milk.  He also got part of a banana cookie for dessert.  🙂  What a life!  I just love the finger food meals though because it frees me up too.  In case you were wondering I had an avocado sandwich (scrumptious!) and some carrot sticks and grape juice.  Just thought I’d share.  I did manage to get some of the floor vacuumed, and the kitchen swept but that was BEFORE lunch, so chances are it will need some help again.  Must go, my parched lips are crying out for some chapstick!

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